Butterflies is the first single from Shira's debut album 

Till The Sun Comes. The album is a very personal piece.

The songs were all written after her father passed away. They follow her path into feeling light again, after a long period of darkness.   


"For the longest time I couldn't really feel anything after my dad passed away. Then I met this guy... and it was obvious that this was a romance, that this was not THE guy, but for a magic moment I felt my heart opening up and it just reminded me that- oh, this can happen to me again! Even after the worst thing you can ever imagine, happens. I can love."


"The wound is the place from where the light enters you."


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Last year when Shira made her Off-Broadway debut as Louise, the lead in the new musical Solitary Light at Axis Theater she met award winning guitarist and musical director for Blondie 1997-2010, Paul Carbonara.  

As they worked on the musical, which Carbonara co-wrote and arranged, a wondrous musical connection was made.


Till The Sun Comes is a fairy folk album with a touch of country jazz. All the songs were written by Shira and produced by Paul Carbonara.

To be released early 2016.


Singer songwriter. Tree Hugging Fairy.